Start by emptying all drawers and cabinets.

Check the use by dates on all medicines and take any expired medicines to your local pharmacy.
If they are sharps – ie any kind of injectable device – you will need to get a sharps container from your local council and dispose in there.

Try and sort items into Face, Body, Bath, Sun, Feminine Hygiene, Medicine, First Aid, His, Hers and Kids.

If anyone has specific medical requirements try and keep all related medicines in one labelled container or section so they’re easy to find.

Consider having a first-aid bag or box so in an emergency you have what you need in one place.

if you have half bottles of the same thing, see if you can get the contents into one bottle or jar.

Wipe out all drawers and cabinets while they are empty and allow to dry.

Think about using small containers to keep things like interdental brushes in or small items like nail clippers to stop them sliding around the drawer or getting lost on the cabinets.

If you have a dressing table and use makeup, think about using cups or mugs to store your brushes in. Use small containers to separate your lipsticks, glosses, eye makeup, foundations and creams so you can find what you need easily. I have used a clear storage container with dividers in for all my travel size goodies and a cutlery tray for my nail files.

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