Karla is my spring cleaning guardian angel!

I have been struggling with keeping the house tidy for years. After my daughter was born it was even more overwhelming.

I knew that I needed help to put the house in order before I returned to work.

That’s why I reached out to Karla to ask for her assistance and I don’t regret any of it. She was very supportive, effective, and hard working.

We even had fun tidying up the house. She put in place a system that I now follow to keep the house tidy.

I would recommend Karla’s services again and again. She is the Marie Kondo of London :)

Cynthia, Ilford

Enlisted the services of Klear My Space to declutter and organise my kitchen cupboards.

I was happy the way the work was undertaken, everything was taken out – products past their use by date thrown away, foods were grouped together, labels were created and put on, cupboards cleaned and restored. 

Klear My Space worked conscientiously and effectively. My space is now more organised.

I would say take a chance and get Klear My Space to help you get organised!

Janice, North London

Had such a good experience using Klear My Space to help my parents, who were struggling for energy and couldn’t make decisions when packing their house for a move.

Karla travelled to them, helped work through a big roomful of memories, packed and sorted, and provided great counsel (and much comfort) in moving forwards. Strong recommend.

Owen, South East London

I have been to two of Karla’s workshops and been blown away each time by real usefulness of her tips.

As a mum of two kids (who are 10 years apart) tidying for all of us is very different.

What impressed me about Karla is she offers very simple, economical and effective solutions! I have taken on her ‘donation station’ and her ‘a place for everything & everything in its place’ as well as folding tips!

Seriously, it’s already making a difference!

What is also magical about Karla is her ability to be able to connect with so many different people- in a lovely kind & genuine way.

Thank you Karla for touching the lives of mums like me who struggle to manage ‘stuff’! I’m booking Karla to help me in my home!

Patricia, South East London

Karla is a charismatic and enormously organised person!

She was recommended to me by a friend and after a free home visit and consultation we discussed how she could help me organise my home so everything has its own place (!!) and how I could reduce clutter and mess and ultimately stress!

I have 4 children under 5 and it felt almost an impossible task! Karla was more than up for the challenge however and in a very affordable way (great value per hour plus payment broken down into each 4 hour session) she has helped me transform each room in our home into peaceful, ordered (occasionally delightfully colour coded) spaces.

It’s not that busy family life doesn’t mess up things but now there is significantly ‘less stuff’ and that ‘stuff’ has a home, it is simper to return things to an organised base line.

Karla is punctual, super flexible, positive and a joy to be around. She is enormously competent and capable and anyone who has the pleasure of having her work in their home will I’m sure also get the warm glow of feeling like they have their life together!

We are moving later in the year and I intend to have Karla help oversee much of this. Her nifty storage solutions have given us more space and dare I say it, some ‘clean lines’..! I’m so glad she was recommended to me and I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone in need of an organising fairy who brings order, space, creative storage solutions and therefore peace when children are asking where X is last minute when we are all dashing out the door.

Rachel, South East London

Karla came highly recommended by a neighbour who had had a great experience with her, and she did not disappoint! She is incredibly dedicated, professional and punctual whilst also being a really warm person – important when inviting somebody into your home!

We were so pleased with what she achieved, and finally have our bedroom back to a calm and peaceful space after it had morphed into an overloaded storage area during the pandemic and the small baby days….now it’s a relaxing space, which has made a real difference to our quality of life.

Karla was also flexible around small children and illness, which was hugely appreciated. Thank you Karla, it was fantastic working with you! Wishing you great and much deserved success with your business!

Kathryn, South East London

I emailed Karla in a panic after we moved house and I was confronted with the horror of my child’s bedroom – partially disembowelled with toys unpacked higgledy piggledy from cardboard boxes. We hadn’t decluttered before the move and I didn’t know where to start.

Karla was extremely understanding, providing sensitive, pragmatic advice via a home consultation and a follow up 6 hour session (even though we had only booked for 4, which meant she rearranged her day to stay and finish the job). Because of the chaos of jobs and children, Karla did basically everything herself, creating systems that are simple and easy to maintain. It’s a scary thing to welcome someone into the (literal) mess of your life at moments like this, but you couldn’t ask for anyone kinder, less judgmental and more professional (and helpful) than Karla.

I wish I’d known about her sooner – I’ll definitely be asking for her expertise again in future
(BEFORE we move next time).

Thank you for everything, Karla!

Sally, South East London