Decluttering & Organising

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions” – Barbara Hemphill.

The delay in making decisions may stem from feeling overwhelmed, a lack of time, or simply the need for permission to let go of items.

I can assist you in making decisions about your belongings and then categorise them logically, all while teaching you my methods, such as file folding. My approach is always tailored to the client and their family, based on their specific requirements. Importantly, I strive to establish systems that are not only effective but also easy to maintain. Whether you prefer file folding or stack folding, I’m here to accommodate your preferences!

No task is too small, and areas where I can offer support include the kitchen, bedroom, playroom, living room, home office, utility room, garages, sheds, and lofts.

While I don’t handle the disposal of charity or refuse items, I’ve collaborated with reputable organisations and can provide advice on their services, some of which are free.

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Decluttering & Organising

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Klear My Space

Enquire about Home-Move Help & Unpacking

Home-Move Help & Unpacking

Why take “stuff” to your new house that you don’t want?

Declutter first; it will save you time and money!

I can support pre-move decluttering, a decision that many of my clients have found to be immensely beneficial.

Additionally, I offer assistance in unpacking your new home, ensuring a swift transition from boxed chaos to an organised and fully functional living space.

My recommended approach typically involves starting with the kitchen and children’s rooms, ensuring that you can cook and have everything your kids need at your fingertips. There’s nothing worse than a child asking for their favourite toy (which you didn’t even know was their favourite!) in the midst of the move.

While I don’t handle the disposal of packaging materials, I can provide valuable recommendations on the best ways to manage them, should the need arise.

Live Workshop Delivery

Do you offer well-being sessions at your organisation?

My workshops inspire and educate the participants who report saying they feel empowered to implement positive changes

I specialise in providing customised workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Past workshops have covered a diverse range of topics, including home organisation for new and expectant mothers, as well as digital and office decluttering and organisation.

As part of my workshop package, I can also provide valuable reference materials, such as checklists, to support and enhance accountability among participants.

Other services I provide to clients include virtual PA services (including life admin), paperwork organisation and bereavement support. Do get in touch to enquire about your specific needs.

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Enquire About Workshops

Pricing & Packages

Decluttering, Organising & Home-Move Services

For in-person sessions, the minimum booking is 4 hours, allowing us to make substantial progress in a specific area of your home.


Klear: 4 Hours Decluttering & Organising | £160

Klearer: 6 Hours Decluttering & Organising | £240

Klearest: 24 Hours Decluttering & Organising split into 4 or 6 hours sessions | £860

Additional hours are charged at my hourly rate of £40

Sessions generally commence at 10 am. Travel within a 40-minute radius from SE15 is included at no extra cost. Beyond this distance, there may be an additional cost to cover both my travel time and cost.

Packages Include:  

  • Free discovery call
  • Personalised decluttering and organising session
  • Light cleaning of spaces cleared
  • Labelling
  • Storage solution recommendations
  • Items for charity arranged at no extra costs
  • Advice on how to maintain the organised space
  • Follow up via email or text for accountability.


  • An in-person home consultation is conducted prior to any sessions and this is charged at the hourly rate but is then deducted from your session should you go onto book. A copy of my Terms and Conditions are shared with you when you book a home consultation 
  • For urgent/large projects, more than one Professional Organiser may be required to help you achieve your goals.  Pricing will be for the number of organisers based on above pricing. I will always only recommend organisers that I have worked with on previous projects and their details will be shared with you ahead of the session.

Live Speaking Workshops

Please contact me for your specific requirements.